Episode 13 - Sara Hennessey


CANadian (is that a butt pun?) comedian Sara Hennessey talks RUMPOLOGY. A first for the pod!

Episode 12 - My Girlfriend’s Mom


What better way to meet my girlfriend's mom than talking about butt stuff!

Episode 11 - Robert Dean


Robert Dean has ulcerative colitis, but we barely get to that because he spends too much time talking about his favorite butt comedian, Sal Droopy and his Droopy Ass.

Episode 10 - M.K. Paulsen


Comedian M.K. Paulsen talks about pooping his pants on a mountain and how his addiction to movie theater nachos is ruining his butt!

Episode 9 - “Rebecca”


Anonymous guest "Rebecca" hides butts in greeting cards and shares her poo philosophy. 

Episode 8 - Brent Sullivan


Comedian Brent Sullivan has had diarrhea for almost 20 years! Also, butt-douching. What an episode!

Episode 7 - Morgan Miller


Comedian Morgan Miller went to Shanghai where she had to poo in a hole.

Episode 6 - Adam Conover


Adam Poo-ins Everything. Just kidding! He ruins nothing. Adam Conover is a wonderful guest who shares amazing stories about his butt and farts.

Episode 5 - “Dook” Larson


"Dook" Larson, with an unCANny resemblance to comedian Ed Larson, is the first plumber to guest on the butt pod!

Episode 4 - Danny Solomon


Writer and comedian Danny Solomon walks Adam through the process of gathering poop samples to diagnose his butt problems and the time he pooped his pants on his honeymoon.

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